Friday, November 25, 2011

A Week at Home

Jack has been out of school all week for Thanksgiving vacation. I love that he gets the whole week. When I was in school, we only got Thursday and Friday, so if your family was going anywhere you'd have to skip. Not anymore! Some of his friends are in Hawaii this week. Some are at Disneyworld. Not us. We're at home.  Just us and the dogs.

It's been nice though. Charlie was off on Tuesday and Wednesday, so he had a three-day holiday with Thanksgiving Day. (Some holiday! He spent all day yesterday cooking the turkey and helping me clean up!) It was nice to have him home for a few.

Jack and I caught up on doctor's appointments this week. Monday he went to the dentist for a cleaning, where we found out he has a deep overbite (front teeth are banging together when he eats), so we got a referral to the orthodontist. Tuesday morning we went to the ortho, where we found out that he doesn't need braces just yet, but he will need to be fitted for a retainer. Following that was our monthly visit with Dr. M, who wanted to hear all about our trip to Sly Park, since we haven't seen him since before we went.

We did manage to squeeze in a couple of play dates this week with Miss S, but most of our time has been spent at home. Lots of PS3 time this week, which is exactly the way he likes it.

Got him a haircut this morning, but no shopping for me. I've started getting the Christmas decorations down from the garage. Might as well get them up and enjoy them for a while, since it's so much work putting them up and taking them down.

It's been a relaxing, low-key week. I'm thankful that everyone's healthy, that we have a cozy home and enough to eat. Can't really complain about too much. Life is good. Wishing the same for your family as we head into this holiday season.

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