Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Wild & Crazy Guy!

Got this email from Jack's teacher this morning:

I talked with Jack for about 5 minutes this morning about the disruptive comments and noises that are becoming more and more frequent.  I had him observe the class (they were working quietly). Then I had him describe some things that would distract him from learning in this particular situation. He was pretty specific: tapping of pencils, people talking to him, and vibrating the desks. I tried to turn it around: what are some things that you have done that may have been distracting to others? He said making sounds effects and talking out loud. I tried to help him see how his actions are affecting other people. So, we’re working on this. Like I said in our conference, it seems to have become a more apparent behavior within the last couple months. He also seems a little more distractible. I’d love to get your insight and, perhaps, Dr. M’ s insight as well.  

This is the kind of behavior we’ve been seeing at home recently, too. He’s wild. He can’t seem to control himself physically or verbally. Rather than walking through the house, he leaps and dashes and sometimes flings his arms and legs into objects. He makes goofy noises and sound effects. In the mornings when I’m trying to get him ready for school, he makes noises and is uncontrollable, even when I repeatedly remind him that other people in the house (Daddy and Gramma) are still sleeping. He seems incapable of stopping himself, until his dad speaks sternly to him. Then he’ll stop for a few minutes, but start up again before too long. Last night after warning him several times about interrupting me during our reading time (he couldn’t seem to stop wiggling, jerking and making crazy noises), I finally had to stop in the middle of a chapter and tell him to go brush his teeth and get in bed.

We've noticed this behavior more and more in the past couple of months. I don't know if he just has too much energy or if the way he's growing has any affect on his behavior. He takes medication for his ADHD, and according to his doctor, the dosage is right on target for his weight (5'2" and 94 pounds). I talked to a friend of mine about this today, and she thinks this is typical behavior for a boy with ADHD. Anyone else have experiences or suggestions to share?


  1. HI! My name is Teresa and I also have a son who is 6yrs with PDD, ADHD. Everyday is a constant struggle at home and at school. I understand your frustrations completely!

  2. Hi, Teresa! It really helps to hear from other moms dealing with the same stuff. We're all in this together!

    Debbie K.