Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's Good to be Home Again!

For those of you wondering, Jack survived the Age of Sail. Just barely (kidding). After a restless night (for me!), listening to the pouring rain and wondering how wet and cold they all were, I finally got the email from the school yesterday morning that the bus carrying our sailors was half an hour away. Got there a few minutes before it pulled in, so I was waiting in the courtyard of the school when he stumbled off the bus, damp and exhausted.

I think he had a good time, but it definitely had its ups and downs. He didn't like the food (expected that). The vegetable stew (beef stew?) was "gross and disgusting." He ate cornbread for dinner.

He said they were kept busy late into the night and when they finally went to bed, he had a tough time going to sleep (I'll bet). Then his crew was awakened at 4:00 am (yuck!!!) to stand watch on deck, in the rain. They were to "watch for pirates" for an hour and forty minutes. Doesn't sound like fun times to me, either. When finally allowed to go back to bed, he was unable to go back to sleep, probably from being so cold and wet. Then the Captain came in at 6:00 yelling, "Get up, you scurvy dogs!" Time for breakfast.

Unfortunately for Jack, he misplaced his galley gear somewhere between dinner and breakfast, so he wasn't allowed to have hot chocolate and coffee cake like everyone else. He said he cried. Luckily, we packed him some food from home (cold cheese pizza, a chewy granola bar, some Ritz crackers), so that's what he had for breakfast. Seems harsh.

I had planned to take him for lunch somewhere when he got back at noon, cause I knew he would be starving. But all he wanted to do was to come home, so he took a hot shower while I made him a grilled cheese sandwich. It's good to be home again!

His dad and I had written him two "letters from home," which were delivered by the Captain at the ship's mail call. He only had time to read the one from his dad before they had to go back to "work," so he brought home my letter unopened. We read it together last night as we snuggled on the bed for reading time before bed. As expected, my letter made him teary, even though I'd tried to make it very nonchalant. It's a good thing he didn't read it till he got home. It might have only been a reminder to him how much he missed us all.

I know he'll remember this experience for the rest of his life. I wouldn't have wanted him to miss it, even though I don't think he'd do it again. He and his buddies can always talk about how cold and wet they were, but it will always be a shared experience. He did well.


  1. I find it outrageous that they wouldn't let him have hot chocolate and coffee cake. I'm not sure I get the purpose of getting them up in the rain at 4am to look for pirates, and then to deny that poor damp cold child something warm to drink?

  2. I know. It made me want to cry when he told me, but Charlie thinks I should just let it go. I made him some hot chocolate last night. Still makes me sad that everyone else in his class had a warm breakfast except him. I guess they thought it was "real life consequences," but he's only 10 and it just seems cruel.

  3. OMG! I am with you and MJ! That is cruel! He is only 10 and it is a horrible thing to single out a child for such a small thing. I wouldn't want to be a child in that Captain's house! Poor Jack. I know if someone had done this to Austin I would have been furious! What is wrong with some people? Not to mention, he was cold and wet. Poor little guy. This story makes me sad. *HUGS* Heather

  4. I know! It still hurts my heart, but he's moved on. He just says, "I guess that's how it was back in 1906." At least he had the cold pizza to tide him over till he got home, but I'm still sad that he wasn't allowed to have hot chocolate and coffee cake with his friends. We just have to pick our battles. Thanks for the sympathy! ;-)