Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Love Letter for my Autistic Child

I am your child, love me with an open heart.
My perceptions are distorted.
Tastes, textures, smells, sounds overwhelm me.
Help me to make sense of chaos.
At times I can focus on nothing and bounce like a ball,
Whirl like a top,
Up and down, round and round.
Sometimes I am so focused you can’t reach me:
When I am in my own world, I never want to leave it.
My temper is short, but my heart is tender.
I am always sorry.
I am unlike most children,
Yet some are like me:
More, not less.
Teach me to grow, but accept me as the child I am meant to be.
Sometimes “I won’t” only means “I can’t.”
God made me this way:
I am perfect.
I am your own precious, wonderful child,
The gift you always wanted.
Love me with all your heart.